Portable Cell Phone Signal Shielding Bag Jammer Device

$90.69 $50.69

Suitable as a mobile phone information security bag, with the function of "mobile phone rest bag". For example, when you place your mobile phone inside the information security bag, it will be in a strictly protected state, while the phone itself will "sleep" and not be controlled by any remote control device. The cell phone signal jammer bag can anti-demagnetization of all kinds of memory CARDS and electronic products that with storage media ; Protect your body from electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone. Mainly suitable for soldiers, law enforcement personnel, company leaders, engineers, civil servants, information processing personnel, pregnant women and so on , commonly used in confidential meeting place, business negotiation, information communication hub, high-end restaurant, etc.

Customer's Reviews Of This Signal Jammer

  • Date Added: 2021-03-23 by Schmieding Brandy

    The product works very well, the signal is effectively eliminated.. There is no problem at all.. It is strongly recommended to have a very low price, the equipment is very convenient, now we put everyone on the phone before the meeting, the effect is very good!