The best selling 4G wifi GPS portable mobile phone jammer

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8-wire directional antenna powerful cell phone jammer could block all signals around a certain area. Including all kinds of signals CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G, 4G, 4G (LTE), GPS, WIFI, loJack. Working range up to 30 meters. Is lightweight and small device that is easy to carry around in your pocket.

Customer's Reviews Of This Signal Jammer

  • Date Added: 2021-03-02 by kellen jack

    It works just like advertising. If the distance is large enough, BT will also be eliminated. The sales force and technical support are really great. Don't let the lack of purchase options affect you. They ship the fastest, fastest I've ever seen. The product comes with a very nice box, a magnetic lid and first-class packaging. It has a very good structure and is obviously something to be proud of. They are honest people and offer honest products at reasonable prices.
  • Date Added: 2021-03-02 by Tony Jason

    I bought this 8 antenna cell phone jammer to shield GPS positioning. The effect is good and the customer is very satisfied. You've worked together in this business for a long time, and honesty can go further. Everyone knows when to see my order in this store and when you need it you can buy it with confidence. After the product is sold, the product quality is very guaranteed