The latest portable 16-antenna hidden 5G jammer

$1139.99 $739.99

The latest 5G portable wireless signal jammer has an integrated design that can interfere with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and CDMA 450MHz 16 frequency bands. All kinds of Android phones, tablets, smart phones, iPhones, Win phones, etc. are actually LOJACK. Starting in 2019, GPS, Wi-Fi 5G, walkie-talkie-UHF/VHF and 315, 433, 868 and other RF signals are very popular.

Customer's Reviews Of This Signal Jammer

  • Date Added: 2021-03-02 by Reubeng Ckalido

    I bought this jammer a week ago. I chose it because it provides me with a wide range of interference frequencies. It is powerful and can store any content I want. Actually, I need a simple GSM encryptor, but I bought this jammer and now use it for GPS jamming and free wi-fi.
  • Date Added: 2021-03-02 by Murray Ryan

    This portable jammer is very good. What I am most satisfied with is the portable and easy-to-hide features of this product. For me, it is very convenient to use anywhere outdoors, and the product quality and service are excellent. Thanks to the store for providing many quality services.