Portable camouflage 6 antenna 3G 4G GPS mobile phone jammer signal jammer

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If you are looking for high quality and low price, powerful and portable jammer then you have found the right place here, Portable Camouflage Jammer CDMA / GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G GPS LOJACK and Cell Phone Signal, High Power 6 Antennas GPS WiFi VHF UHF Cell Phone Signal Jammer Kit for Sale Then take a look at the Portable Cell Phone & GPS Jammer with Camouflage Cover, it will help you a lot. This is a portable GPS jammer which is high power density, high efficiency and high level Has precision. And as it has advanced, with rational design, manufacturing sophisticated, all of these features make it easy to use.

Customer's Reviews Of This Signal Jammer

  • Date Added: 2021-03-05 by Napoleoni Julien

    This 6-band jammer will interfere with 2.4G WIFI and wireless transmission signals. It has the characteristics of small size, high power, light weight, large covering and easy to carry. Due to its small size and easy portability, this mobile phone jammer is popular with many users