Jammers affect all of human society

Thief Jammer Kit! It will interfere with GPS / GNSS, Wifi / Bluetooth / 2.4GHz, Keychain and Lojack. Interference with WiFi will deactivate video surveillance. It can also be used to prevent unlocking or starting of cars near the crime scene. Even the police cars.
From the security of personal property and life to the strategic security of the country, jammers have a decisive force in all of society.

The national maritime cybersecurity plan released on December 2 (recently released) joins a strategic national security plan for 95% of U.S. commerce that relies on maritime affairs. It describes a series of challenges and threats facing the country. Nothing is trivial. Such as the treatment of GPS jammer.

GSM UMTS LTE4G WiFi GPS cell phone jammer

The challenges include a lack of manpower, chaotic governance at the federal level, and information / intelligence sharing. In addition, there are many types of businesses and other government stakeholders, many of whom may have difficulty establishing a reliable cybersecurity plan.

The threats to information technology and operational technology systems are diverse. One type of threat is described as passing through the electromagnetic spectrum system. Threats caused by EMS include communication systems and GPS.

The plan at one point described how the Homeland Security Department predicted in 2016 that if there was no back-up system, the loss of GPS signals would cause port operations to stop. This is not a difficult prediction, as the US Coast Guard saw it before in 2014.

The plan described interference and deceptive navigation as a major problem elsewhere. There are also 14 maritime organizations on how to ask the Commander of the United States Coast Guard to ask questions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The IMO later described GNSS interference as an emergency and human safety issue.

It's nice to see another national document, which includes the GPS failure as a network problem. Interrupt:
Communication capability of computer telephone jammer and OT system,
Interference with end-use equipment (various computers and equipment), and
It is possible to enter incorrect data into the system.