GPS signal jammer protects property safety

The most commonly used satellite positioning system at present is the GPS satellite positioning system. The function of this system is to track vehicles, route navigation, information query, traffic command, emergency assistance, etc. Although the GPS satellite positioning system provides a lot of convenience to our lives, it also brings some problems, and these problems may even affect personal safety.

For example, a mortgage car company can obtain control of the car for a short time after giving money to the original owner. However, in order to prevent the car from being sneaked away by the original owner, some companies will install a GPS shield on the car, causing the original owner to be unable to control the car. Positioning to protect the company’s property safety. In addition, there is another situation. When you buy a mortgaged vehicle from a mortgage car company, you will also worry about the safety after buying the car, worry about the positioning device installed on the car, and the one-way vehicle will be driven away in the middle of the night after it is parked. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of their property, car buyers will also install GPS signal jammers on the car.

An antenna automatic GPS series of the third generation of green GPS signal jammers

The working principle of the GPS jammer is to cut off the GPS frequency band signal, so that the car is in a state of signal isolation. Generally, the GPS jammer has the following characteristics:

1. It can effectively interfere with GPS and Beidou satellite signals to ensure that the owner's privacy and information confidentiality are not leaked.

2. Small size, high power, large coverage area and easy to carry.

3. Only GPS and Beidou signals are shielded, and phone calls will not be affected.