Never use jammers for criminal purposes

A jammer is any device that prevents an electronic device from emitting a signal. They do this by emitting noise that interferes with other equipment in the area.

High power jammer have many uses. They prevent phone use in restricted areas such as prisons or restaurants. They can also reduce unnecessary calls and prevent infected networks from spreading malware.

Hand-held Mobile Phone Blocker

There are different types of jammers. They can block everything from mobile phones to wifi networks.

But this type of equipment is designed to protect personal privacy and security, please use it properly.
Here are cases of criminals using jammers to commit crimes.

The car lock is intact, the doors and windows are intact, but more than 20,000 yuan in cash is missing from the car. Recently, Guangzhou Zengcheng police solved a case of using a car lock wifi jammer to steal goods from a car during the in-depth promotion of the "Hurricane 2020" special operation.

On August 9, the victim, Xiao Zhang, went to a decoration material market in Xintang City for shopping, parked the car on the side of the road, left the wallet in the car, and came down. After half an hour, Xiao Zhang returned to the car. At that time, he did not notice any abnormalities. It wasn't until the night he took out his wallet that he found that the over 20,000 yuan in the bag was gone.

After receiving police from the victim, Zengcheng police immediately opened an investigation, went to the crime scene, and asked surrounding people for clues. Police discovered that shortly after the victim got out of the car, a man appeared next to his car, easily pulled the door to get into the car, and stayed in the car for two to three minutes. After the man got out of the car, another man drove a motorcycle to find him and leave. According to the police analysis, the suspect was able to open the car door effortlessly. Either the victim did not lock the door, or she used a tool to interfere with the victim's lock. Judging by the suspect's ability to commit the crime, police ruled that the two men must have been repeat offenders. Police followed the suspect's escape route, roughly seized the area where the suspect was located, and immediately deployed control. Finally, police arrested suspects Li (male, 43) and Li (male, 33, both from Guangxi) on the Lixin Expressway in Xintang City, and seized a door lock jammer on Li. .

Upon examination, suspects Li and Li took the victim's opportunity to get out of the car, and Yu Li used a phone jammer to interfere with the car's door lock. Then Li got into the car and stole about 25,000 yuan in cash. After succeeding, the two left.

At present, suspects Li and Li have been subjected to coercive criminal measures by police in accordance with the law, and the case is under further investigation.