Jammer solves inattentive driving

Inattentive driving is a state in which you are driving away from your eyes because you are distracted by the scenery around you or when you try to pick up something that has fallen from the dashboard while driving. Is called. Since the vehicle is running without safety confirmation, it is easy to cause a serious traffic accident such as colliding with the vehicle in front from behind.

There is evidence that SMS drivers are more dangerous than drunk driving. Most people agree that this is a big issue that needs to be done soon. Inattentive driving is an important cause of accidents. But in reality, many think this is not a big deal. So why not take it to the next step? The car phone is equipped with a cell phone jammer, which blocks the mobile phone signal while driving.

handheld cell phone jammer

Sending text messages to all drivers who are driving is still a problem, but young people are often naive to the risks and consequences. Smartphones are becoming more and more popular, especially with advances in technology, and in particular some of the new developments in games can result. A young man indulging in them to forget that they are in the car. However, some young people ignore, sigh, and open their eyes when parents try to talk about safe driving. You may want to be independent, you may feel like an adult, you can make good decisions about what to do, as I said Inattentive driving is a serious danger Please be aware that there is.

You may need to make some changes to ensure that teens can drive safely. There are 6 3W high power antenna LoJack 3G 4G mobile phone jammers. The high performance of 3G / 4G phone jammers cannot block all 3G 4G signals. You can also block the LoJack signal. This can be a complete erosion of the LoJack CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G Wimax 4G LTE signal up to 40m. The radius of interference at which the signal strength changes from a particular region. Designed with a good cooling system, you don't have to worry about your equipment getting hot. You can easily achieve the purpose of continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without damaging the device. In addition, the design and car charger and through it.