Installing jammers in theaters will provide a better customer experience

I'm disappointed with the ringing tones of cellphones and smartphones and the lighting equipment on the LCD screen, which allows me to watch the movies I expect. It wasn't until I installed jammers in the theater that I got the environment I wanted. Everyone will have this experience. The theater reported “polished and closed fashion” before the show.

Movie Player When using a smartphone, someone said "Please place a communication blocker in the movie theater. Is it possible to install equipment that has been installed during classical concerts and musical events in cinemas?

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● Nearby smartphones that are playing spoil the theater experience

Cinemas are special places where you can pay to go to another world. However, the behavior that disrupts this extraordinary experience is “the customer uses a smartphone”.
“The neighbor guest's smartphone LCD screen is bright and boring. "" I want to play the last role. "

Despite the projections, there are still many voices on the Internet that sound like “Vengeance” aimed at people who use cell phones and smartphones in movie theaters.

In many theaters, a "courtesy video" is shown to "shut off the power" or to ask for courtesy before showing the work. However, due to the slowness, moviegoers often say, “I want you to force the radio waves in the theater to forcibly turn off cell phone calls and communications. "

● Communication suppression equipment has been introduced into the "theater" of other industries.
In the concert hall, dissuasive communication devices (wifi signal jammer) have been introduced for listening to classical performances, musicals and theaters.
About 10 years ago, at the "Imperial Theater" in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, a deterrent device was introduced to "maintain a quiet playing environment" (operated by Toho Co., Ltd.). It is said that the device works in such a way that it can only be used in the audience during the performance.

Have you screened a theater in the cinema? Keiji Kobayashi, Deputy Secretary General of the Secretariat of the Japan Film Workers' Federation, said, “To be honest, I didn't know it was being shown in theaters. "

● For customer inquiries, a license is required to install the GPS jammer
When we asked several large Cinecon companies about the results of the equipment installation, Cinecon A replied, “Installation was never on the agenda. It depends on the habits of our customers. Another big Cinecon B said, “We didn't install any intents. A device that suppresses radio waves. Before the show, practice the video and post it in the lobby. If there is a complaint, the staff will come back. Someone said. "