Portable mobile phone signal jammer with distinctive signal jammer

Do you need to block signals in certain frequency bands and carry your equipment with you when you need it? If so, which type is right for you? Of course, in this situation, a portable cell phone signal jammer may be your best choice, if you want to know where you can get a high-quality signal.

For each type of things, even if they have the same function, they are all made of different materials with different colors, and are divided into different categories. Therefore, depending on the function and the status of the portable mobile phone signal jammer, this is the same. Therefore, they are also divided into different series, such as portable GPS shielding, portable cell phone shielding, portable WiFi shielding device or portable multi-function shielding device such as WiFi signal shielding for handheld cellular phones and GPS signal shielding for handheld cellular phones and so on. In the following article, this article will tell you some information about WiFi signal jammers for handheld mobile phones.

Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

If so, you can take a look at the wifi jammer of this handheld mobile phone. Its full name is "Handheld mobile phone and WiFi signal jammer". It is a perfect multifunctional mobile phone and WiFi signal jammer, depending on the specifics. It can shield WiFi, CDMA, GSM, DCS/PCS and 3G signals at the same time with the signal strength in a given area, and the shielding scale can reach up to 15 meters. In addition to the size of this handheld phone, the design of the WiFi signal jammer is really great, you can easily take it out and use it when you need it. In addition, you don't need to worry about the high temperature of the equipment during use, because it has a cooling fan inside, which can ensure that the shield is in good working condition.

Just have this handheld mobile phone WiFi signal jammer, you can not only have a quiet environment, away from the noise of mobile phone calls, and will not be shielded when you think about it. Therefore, you can also use this handheld mobile phone WiFi signal blocker to prevent mobile phone signal tracking equipment from tracking. Therefore, you can also use it to block WiFi2.4G to ensure the security of your network and ensure that other people will not use it. In many other areas and places, this handheld mobile phone WiFi signal jammer can be used, as well as other types of portable mobile phone signal jammers.