How to make sure the jammer is normal during the inspection?

The effective shielding range of the jammer depends mainly on the following:

1. The power of the machine itself. Today, there are many 5W machines in the market, but the actual power is less than 1W. Therefore, it must be real power.

2. The density of base stations near you. Now, many customers are buying back phones, which can block 2G3G calls, but not 4G. Why? This is because there are base stations near you. Generally speaking, if there is a base station within 100 meters, then if you buy a low power machine, it basically cannot work because the signal strength of the base station is too strong. It is recommended to purchase shielding equipment with lower power and the power ratio of each channel should be more than 2W. A customer had a mobile base station on top of a building and said the wave jammer was not working. No one can fix this problem. Unless you've bought a super powerful machine.

3. Field wall environment. What is the environment of the field wall? Whether to install the shield is a concrete wall or a glass partition. Ordinary shielding equipment will not pass through the wall. Like many clients, come and consult us. Usually, the price of armor instruments that go through walls is very high, at least 700 or more.
In summary, the shielding range of cell phone signal jammers cannot be solved by a factor. Before purchasing in large quantities, the best way is to use an on-site wall meter to test the signal strength of the installation environment. The other is to buy several machines of different horsepower and test them to see their efficiency. Then decide which machine to choose.

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During the inspection process, it is very important to make sure that the wifi jammer is normal, useful and can achieve the shielding effect. When many people buy a test shield, they usually buy the shield at a different price. How to judge them? Is it worth that much?

First, let's popularize the relationship between price and power. The shield is divided into low power, medium power and high power.

Low power consumption, i.e. less than 2W, this 2W means 2W per channel. If it is 8 channels, the gsm jammer of the mobile phone is also 16W. Usually within a radius of 15 square meters, suitable for family use, small meeting rooms, etc.

Average wattage refers to between 2W-4W. If each channel is 4W, then 8 channels are 32W. This can generally be considered an average power. This applies to inspection rooms, gas stations, etc. In general, the protection zone will be relatively large.

High power refers to more than 5W, if it is 8 channels, it means the machine is more than 40W. This power is very great. Applicable factories, etc.

Now in the market, many counterfeit power machines are usually powered by 5V, which is also written 24W or 36W. This means that your car was originally driven with a displacement of 1.0, but in the ad you only wrote it with a displacement of 3.0. From a consumption capital perspective, the larger the displacement, the higher the cost performance.