Will blocking the cell phone signal disturb the radio receiving the signal?

Questioner: Will blocking the mobile phone signal disturb the radio receiving the signal?

Online response: "There will be some interference, but because the mobile phone signal is a very high frequency signal, the most disturbed one should be the FM FM band. The short wave will also be disturbed to a certain extent, while the medium wave band signal will not suffer too much. It is a big disturbance, so there may be some light or heavy noise when listening to the radio in the vicinity of the examination room."

Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

Bokang Electromechanical’s reply: The above reply is somewhat incorrect. As a cell phone jammer, it is actually a scrambler. The principle is to operate the scrambled signal on several frequency bands commonly used in mobile phone communication. The frequency of this frequency band is very high, which is quite different from the frequency of FM radio. At present, the domestic FM frequency is 86. -108MHz, and several common mobile phone communication frequency bands are: 800M, 900M, 1800M, 1900M, etc.

Question: Can the jammer shield Fetion?

Answer: The mobile phone signal jammer will block all the mobile phone signals, and GPRS will not be available. Then you will definitely not be able to use Fetion by logging in to the client software with your mobile phone. If you only send and receive ordinary text messages, you can’t send and receive text messages because there is no signal. However, the SMS center will take the initiative to store it for 72 hours. If you do not receive the SMS at that time, the recovery signal will be recovered within 72 hours, and you can generally receive it again. If you log in to Fetion software from your home computer, then it has nothing to do with the mobile phone signal jammer.