Metal will reduce the reliability of jammers

With the development of technology, many mobile devices, especially smart phones, pose more and more dangers to American drivers. The California Long-distance Highway Safety Association has researched approximately 350 scientific papers to assess driver attention when operating a vehicle. The results can be shocking. Are you surprised when many different things distract the driver and even cause a traffic accident while driving?

A kind accountant, once considered a hero of our time, when a traveler started talking on his cell phone, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a black electronic device with five antennas. WiFi jammer, all phones nearby are stupid.

Portable Handheld High Power Jamming 3G / 4GLTE GPS (UHF Radio) Walky-Talky Jammer

Many factors affect the shielding range of wifi jammer. The failure area of ​​the open area is larger than that of the building. Therefore, the measured interference radius is generally better than the actual range. Because the test was carried out in an open place. Since the signal can be blocked / interfered with by the stone wall, the grid will form a Faraday cage (including the "bad" lead window) and metal such as tin foil insulators, thus reducing the reliability of indoor wifi jammers.

In other words, if you use a jammer indoors, the glass can block the signal because of the wall. You may not be able to interfere with the signal in another room. These are several factors that affect the beam jammer. Of course, the impact also involves other aspects, such as the temperature of the interfering device.

Although thousands of people on the train are tortured by other people's cell phones, they like to talk on their cell phones out loud. Although cell phone jammers can be used to solve this problem, few cities have taken action to stop this annoying activity. Boston train lines restrict the behavior of people on the train during rush hour. During this time, they were prohibited from using their mobile communication devices and could only speak loudly.