Mobile jammer is an advanced device that prevents unauthorized recording of video on mobile phones

Why do we need cell phone jammers? In our lives, we rely more and more on a variety of high-tech equipment, which help us live easier, do things faster, and move around easier. Various high-tech equipments play an important role in our world. However, when high-tech equipment helps us, it may also harm us at the same time. For example, mobile phone cameras can monitor bad guys, but they can also be used by bad guys to monitor us. It can be used to record us in a video format, and it can also disclose our private information. To clear the phone camera, a mobile phone jammer appears.

Cell phone jammer is an advanced device that prevents mobile phones from recording our videos without authorization. It can be used in almost any type of place to protect us. It can ensure that all phones cannot work properly in a specific location. Another example is cell phone jammers. Mobile jammers can ensure that your conversations are private. This type of anti-surveillance device can prevent eavesdropping devices from eavesdropping on your phone or voice conversations by blocking the signal. The operating frequency of the white noise generator covers audio from potential listening devices.
We highly recommend our WiFi/Bluetooth/wireless jammer video jammer. It is designed to block signals from WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless audio audio signals and video signal bands. And because its total transmit power is 2W, the jammer has low power consumption, is harmless to the environment and does not harm the human body.

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We want to confirm again that these mobile phone interference devices have no effect on the mobile phone. It will not prevent the signal transmission between the mobile phone and the base station. In addition, please make sure that it is fully charged before use, and do not use jammers while charging. You should also note that if the antenna direction of the jammer is different from the location of the recorder, it may affect the jammer's performance.
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