Powerful and multi-function jammer it can be applied in many places

What is the most important thing in our life? Ten years ago, the answer will be different. Our friends? Our cars? Our house? No, the answer now is Cell Phone Jammer and Cell Phone Jammer. You could see that everyone on the street had cell phones in their hands, no matter where they went, what they did. The cell phone is very important to all of us, it allows us to communicate with the world at all times. It keeps us online 24 hours a day, we can browse the internet every second. Besides our cell phones, we could talk to our friends and family anytime anywhere. With the use of the cell phone, distance is not a problem now a day. But the problem also comes with the cell phone. Simply put, using cell phones will cause noise issues in many places where silence is needed most of the time. This type of place includes, but is not limited to, the boardroom, theater, school examination room, court, library, cinema, hospital, etc. Think about it, if you are watching an exciting music concert, do you like any phone ringing next to you? Now we can come to the conclusion that the use of cell phones should be restricted in some public places. The next question is how to protect our silence for these places? The cell phone jammer can do the job.

8 bands high performance cell phone signal jammer 3G 4G WIFI blocker drone signal jammer

To understand cell phone blocking, to learn more, we could remove samples from cell phone jammers. Here we have a good cell phone jammer: 15W Power Jammer 3G 4G CDMA GSM PHS WiFi, model number is EO060601FR. As a multi-function jammer, it combines WiFi jammer, GSM jammer and 3G 4G jammer with one machine, which means it could block WiFi signal, GSM signal and cell phone signal at the same time. With advanced design, it can be easily installed and used. You don't need to do any extra work, put all the antennas in the right place, connect to the power supply. Once it is turned on, it could effectively block WiFi, GSM and cell phone signals. Portable high capacity built-in lithium batteries with electricity can be used for long hours. The working range of this jammer can reach up to 40 meters at most.

As a powerful and multi-function jammer, it can be applied in many places, such as temple, conference hall, classroom, training center, museum, theater, concert, gallery, restaurant, etc. Pay attention, if you use it in special place, like hospital, gas station, first do a field test to make sure that no interference has occurred during normal operation of their equipment and their instrument.