How to test the actual range of a cell phone jammer?

Many customers cannot use the jammer immediately after it is installed. We also need to pass some tests to determine the effect of its use to make sure that it is truly effective. Below, as a manufacturer of mobile phone signal jammers, skylifr will teach you how to test the effect of mobile phone signal masks.

If you want to make sure that the cell phone jammer can effectively block the mobile phone signal is very important, then when buying a cell phone signal jammer, testing is a very important step.

The first is to test the coverage of mobile phone jammers. Don't just use one of the two Internet phones for a test drive. During the exam, the cheating candidates use different mobile networks, especially 4G mobile networks (4G networks use high-speed broadband transmission, if the function of the mobile phone signal GPS jammers is insufficient, it may not not be able to cover 4G).

The latest mobile 4G hand signal jammer with a plastic shell

Therefore, it is necessary to find all mobile phones from current mobile communications providers before performing the test and ensure that each mobile phone network can meet the minimum requirements of a classroom before being tested. considered to pass the test. Sometimes it shows up.

Why is the phone screen not working?

In order to enable customers to use cell phone shielding, this article summarizes a few reasons that may prevent the shield you ordered from working properly!
1. Appropriate shielding equipment should be ordered as needed, more importantly!

1) If you want to stop the call, you need to select 2G 3G 4G full band signal blocker. At this point, you need to determine whether you want to add other features, such as GPS (satellite positioning) or wireless (wireless internet access)!

2) Choose the right power supply: The portable shield board has low power and is easy to heat up, and the desktop shield board has high power and good heat dissipation. The armor range of the desktop armor is wider!

3) If you want to stop the GPS track, you should at least choose 2 in 1 jammer (low cost 2G GPS jammer)! Because when you only use a small gsm gps jammer to block the gps, it will automatically activate the built-in sim card to get the gps positioning.

2. After receiving the portable jammer with battery (desktop jammer without battery), it should be fully charged within 6-10 hours;

3. All antennas must be installed in accordance with the following instructions (1-12-23-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 7-7 8-8 or Global Positioning System Global Positioning System). Most importantly, do not install the antenna! Do not open the protective cover

4. Interference range: position signal strength = -75 dBm. The interference distance will vary depending on signal strength and location. If you are near the signal base station, the interference effect will be very weak!