What is SMS signal jammer?

SMS blocker, as the name implies, is a software that intercepts text messages. The following editor will introduce you in detail what a text message blocker is.

What is SMS blocker

This lightweight, easy-to-use application blocks unwanted text messages. Manage your blacklist and never receive an annoying sales message! Block any number from: the recent call log message log in the contact list or manually and carefully block numbers from the blacklist, sent to a message log, so you can still check all the text messages.

The SMS signal jammer intercepts the spam SMS numbers that the user has set to the blocking state, so that the phone does not ring, vibrate, or flash when the number receives messages. The content of the information will be recorded and can be viewed at the convenience of the user. Solve the annoyance caused by spam messages to users. This version will not generate any network traffic!

The latest mobile 4G hand signal jammer with a plastic shell

Description of SMS blocker permissions:

1. Read the contact, if there is this number in the contact, it will not be intercepted

2. Make a call/send text message, click on the information interception record to jump to the system dial call/send text message interface, and bring the number directly, which is convenient for users

2.0 update description: Since there is no bug feedback, and no major problems were found in the process of using it, I released a dateless version.

The above is a detailed answer to what SMS blocker is. I hope you can download regular software when you use it, and don't use pirated software, so that you can truly protect your information security.