Drone countermeasures appearing in the marathon

In 2017, the Wuxi Marathon was grandly started. The Games attracted more than 30,000 people to participate. There was a large number of police support and a helicopter to maintain the order of the scene and prepare for rescue.

In addition to manned helicopters, there were also some illegal and unpopular small planes at the scene. They were small and light, but their disorderly flight threatened the safety of the people at the scene. In this regard, the Wuxi police launched a "mass killing." "UAV"-UAV countermeasure system to ensure the order of the Wuxi Marathon scene.

This leading CK-US2 UAV countermeasure system will not destroy or damage the UAV. Its main working principle is to interfere with the UAV’s flight control system, signal transmission system, and enable the UAV to achieve vertical landing or Return to home automatically to constrain the flying of the drone. It only needs to transmit a directional radio frequency signal of a certain power to the target UAV. After the UAV GPS signal is disturbed, it is unable to obtain accurate own coordinate data, which will cause the UAV to lose control to a certain extent. In this marathon, the drone countermeasure system can ensure low altitude safety.

Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System

The CK-US2 UAV countermeasure system mainly acts on the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz scrambled frequency bands, as well as the GNSS global satellite navigation system. After frequency interference is blocked, it will affect the UAV flight control system, navigation system and data transmission system. Implement interference countermeasures, block the communication between the drone and the controller, and force the drone to descend to the ground or return home. CK-US2 can effectively control all commercial drones on the market. Once the device is turned on, It can make the remote control of the drone fail, the pictures and videos taken can not be transmitted back, and the satellite navigation system loses the signal, completely blocking the connection between the drone and the remote control and even the upper end of the ground, thus ensuring that some important information is not leaked and preventing important equipment A drone aggression accident occurred in order to reach the intention of maintaining the safety of the marathon airspace and maintaining public privacy.

According to reliable sources, this drone jammer was developed and produced by GREATJAMMER. In the past two years, news about drones threatening public safety has emerged one after another. Some drone applications and enthusiasts have relatively low safety awareness. With this drone countermeasure equipment, the marathon can ensure safety. It can be more direct and useful to maintain airspace safety and eliminate some hidden safety hazards.