How can I prevent others from tracking my location?

Samantha 2021-02-06
GPS system is very common in life. Every smart phone will have GPS positioning. Although it can bring us many benefits, what if others use GPS to track us? Can WiFi blockers block such trackers?

greatjammer 2021-02-06

First of all, let me talk about the fact that because the power of GPS signals on the earth is very low, the GPS signals received by users on the ground are easily interfered. On the battlefield, the enemy can deliberately interfere with GPS to prevent combatants from knowing their location. There are some well-documented cases in China where cheap GPS jammer purchased via the Internet were used to intercept the exposure of location information. In addition, multi-function jammers can be easily used to interfere with GPS signals for personal protection, and have been used to bypass GPS tracking technology, because most multi-function jammers can shield GPS signals.