What are the benefits of using a WiFi jammer?

Colclough 2021-02-06
In life, I find that many people are using WiFi jammers. Why use such interference devices and what are the benefits?

greatjammer 2021-02-06

In life, using a wifi jammer has many benefits. Hackers will steal our information through WiFi signals. Using jammers can protect our data. It can also prevent and disable all mobile phone communications in certain areas or inside of buildings; prevent industrial espionage (camera phones) when using mobile devices as eavesdropping devices or taking pictures; anti-terrorism, such as B. Use in high-risk areas Remote control explosive device; Eliminate deliberate interference in public places in cinemas, restaurants and churches.

Mobile phones are radio devices that communicate through cell phone towers. The WiFi signal jammer sends strong signals at the same frequency used by the mobile unit to effectively interrupt the communication between the device and the cell phone tower. The result is a failure, indicating a "no network" mobile unit.