UAV signal terminator jamming gun

What is a drone jammer?

Signal jammers are also called signal blockers. They are devices that block radio communication signals. The owner of the drone on the ground controls the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remotely. Therefore, the drone jammer blocks the radio signal and makes the UAV useless. The drone will drop to the ground or land, depending on its programming.

Jammer Gun

The jammer "has a considerable impact" on the UN reconnaissance drone, which was suspended for several days after collecting intelligence from the air. US military officials did not mention whether the latest interference caused the drone to crash, citing operational safety.

However, sources told the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) that the facts have proved that the advanced jamming equipment developed by the Russian military can work effectively even for certain encrypted signals and anti-jamming receivers.

It is introducing DroneGun, a GPS signal blocker that can disable drone signals (including GPS and GLONASS positioning) for up to 1.2 miles. Like most competitors, it will not destroy the target drone, but just force the vehicle to land or return to the starting point. The anti-drug team can not only defuse threats within a safe distance, but also find pilots.

Today, most greatjammer jammers use a wider range of jamming signals within a certain frequency range, while BEAM is configured to detect a single specific frequency used by attack drones. This solution is particularly suitable for cities or densely populated combat areas.

Humphreys said that four years ago, after the Crimea invasion, US analysts first captured Russian military drones in eastern Ukraine. He said that the jammer was initially detected as a weak signal from space, bouncing off the surface of the earth. The blockaders "had a considerable impact" on the United Nations reconnaissance drones trying to monitor the area, grounded the fleet for several days and stopped collecting intelligence from the air.

The working principle of the UAV jammer is to direct radio energy into the UAV, thereby interrupting the remote control link between the UAV and the operator. The jammer operates in the common industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) frequency bands. 2.4 GHz is part of the ISM band and is one of the most common frequencies in drone control.