Drones are used for medical and express shipping

An Israeli software company is participating in a two-year pilot program that uses drones on mesh networks to validate the safe and efficient integration of drone deliveries into urban environments.

Zor and the Airway team hope that the pilot will show how drones can work on a network, react safely to real-time situations while maximizing delivery efficiency for an economically viable solution for drone delivery.

"There are some companies that buy their own drones and develop the software for specific missions around the drone," he said.

Zor stated: Airwayz technology was developed to enable management of the drone fleet in the real world. For example, we can make sure police stations are out of bounds and no drones fly over schools during school hours, or we can quickly close airspace if there has been an accident to keep it private. "

The cellular network O2 and the drone company Skyfarer are jointly creating the infrastructure for a new drone network that will enable the fast delivery of Covid-19 consumables and blood samples. The UK processes and distributes more than 2.5 million units of blood annually. 200,000 new blood donors are required to donate blood across England each year to replace those who can no longer donate regularly.

power jamming device

Derek McManus, COO at O2, said: Not only does this technology have the power to support the health system and save lives, but it also has the power to reduce the emissions normally released by traditional medical supplies transportation, helping to build a greener future for the UK. "

In recent years, the drone market has grown rapidly, and with the large-scale development and zero control production by manufacturers, the price of commercial drones has been accepted and experience gained. The experience is good too. However, the widespread use of drones has also increased the risk of our privacy being lost. To prevent privacy leakage, using jammers is one way to protect privacy leakage. Company is a jammer shop that specializes in various jamming devices. Professional drone jammer can shield the position signals of all GNSS satellites including GPS / GLONASS / Galileo. The ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G frequency bands are commonly used by humans and humans. Machines have the following functions: forcibly shielding the UAV, interrupting the graphic position and signal, and over / back / stop. Tokushin Tsushin has voluntarily developed an unmanned aircraft jammer that is powerful and can reach 1-5 kilometers (depending on different operational environments).