Explore innovative drone control technology methods

Support innovative research on UAV safety improvement, key technology supplementation, management and control technology application, etc. Optimize traditional drone control technology, improve aerial radio monitoring methods, and explore new control methods and measures. For example, in terms of active management and control, for cooperative drones, the development of light and small aviation control equipment should be accelerated, and top-down monitoring should be realized through a friendly way of agreement management; for non-cooperative drones, the focus should be on improving navigation. , Positioning accuracy, explore other technical blocking methods, realize bottom-up discovery, positioning, and suppression, and force landing, arrest or physical destruction of UAVs. In terms of passive control, the use of electronic fences, no-fly zones, and interference with data link transmission are used to prevent drones from completing related illegal activities. In addition, promote the establishment of a national drone control platform, explore ways to combine traditional radio monitoring networks, mobile communication networks, and the Internet, integrate multiple control methods, and strengthen the real-time early warning, identification and supervision capabilities of drones.

High Quality Powerful Drone Jammer Blocking Wifi 2.4G 5.1G 5.8G

Avoid potential risks of interfering with the suppression process

Global navigation satellite systems are widely used, such as land and sea transportation, power grid systems, telecommunications and mobile communication systems, aerospace, weapon guidance, etc. Its timing and navigation and positioning functions provide important support for economic, social, national defense and other closely related fields. Since the satellite navigation signal on the ground is already very weak, the equipment using satellite navigation is very sensitive to radio interference. Since radio means can suppress and deceive UAVs, it will also cause harmful interference to other related equipment, which in turn will bring some unpredictable security risks. In addition, high-power radio drone jammer to UAVs may also affect the normal use of other legal radio services, including other legal users in the UAV frequency band and adjacent frequency bands. Due to the lack of relevant work legal basis and operating experience, the management department must be cautious in adopting corresponding control measures, and make decisions based on full analysis and evaluation, so as to maximize the accuracy and quality of the control equipment, reduce the control area, and avoid all aspects of the control process Kind of risk.

There are many management departments involved in the management and control of drones, and the use of technical means to assist the management and control of drones should be the responsibility of the radio management department. The radio management department can improve the UAV radio control mechanism, explore efficient UAV control technology means, maintain the normalization of UAV radio control, and cooperate on the basis of minimizing the interference to the surrounding electromagnetic environment. Competent authorities carry out precise suppression and effective control of various illegal drones, and contribute to maintaining the order of air waves and fully guaranteeing national social security.