High-tech space weapon-GPS jammer

A new round of space war race-GPS Jam Showdown

It appears in different forms at different times. However, because they planned to start a war in southeastern Ukraine in the past year, the drones flying by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe also encountered the same problem: the Russian troops on the ground were GPS signals, making them almost blind status.

China is manufacturing a variety of high-tech space weapons: anti-satellite missiles, lasers, GPS jammer and killer satellites, which Beijing says will give it a strategic military advantage in future conflicts with the United States.

Portable 16 Antenna blocker

It is believed that the Chinese currently have three ASAT capable aircraft flying in space. Future systems may include on-orbit electronic interceptors, small satellites with robotic arms, laser weapons, and explosive satellites.

US authorities often classify GPS blocking and deception as "electronic warfare" rather than "cyber warfare." We don't understand why this is the case, because signal interference and deception will neutralize the equipment used by the end user, cut IT channels, and introduce false data into various systems. For cyber fighters, detecting and preventing traffic jams and GPS spoofing may be a shortcut.

The Ministry of National Defense said that since Thursday, the North has been sending GPS blockade signals at various locations close to the re-defense border. GPS blockade is a provocative act. We urge North Korea to stop this provocative behavior and act in a way that will help improve relations between North Korea and South Korea.

Church said that at present, the U.S. Army battalion usually assigns two soldiers to perform electronic warfare tasks, and "must fight for 24 hours" to fight against experienced enemies. This includes planning and coordination with other battalions, as well as ensuring that your own jammers and advanced communication tools are working properly. Church said: "Do a lot of things for those guys in a battalion." "So, how do you keep up with similar enemies in a high-intensity environment?"

Ukraine is equipped with electronic systems that are vulnerable to interference and has proven to be an ideal place for Moscow to demonstrate its power in war. Dmitry Gorenburg, a senior researcher with the non-profit research and analysis organization CNA, said Russia’s efforts “may not be directed at Ukraine, but at NATO and more serious opponents.”