Jammers can secure your privacy

It looks like a walkie talkie, but this little box is more powerful than you might think. When turned on, it can block any mobile service in the area.

A man in Philadelphia is tired of talking on the SEPTA 44 bus phone, and according to Philadelphia NBC 10, when he doesn't want to hear the conversation, Eric will shoot the very disturbing man.

Eric told National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) 10: “A lot of people are loud. When I mess up the antenna and flip the switch, when they're confused, they have little privacy or anything.

It seems like someone is talking loudly with a cheap laptop jammer, others around you are not polite, this is a common problem on buses, and this problem requires their voice to give them one in the dirtiest ways. Therefore, we recommend that you use a portable 3G 4G 3G cell phone interceptor and all GPS jammer on the bus. Only in this way will we be able to bring back a calm environment in society.

Portable WiFi Jammer

When you are not speaking loudly with other passengers on the phone, you can use the phone jammer to eliminate this situation in time. When another passenger is talking loudly, almost 2G 3G 4G is mobile phone signal and all GPS signals: Band 1: 4G: 1710-17775 MHz, Band 2: GSM: 851-960 MHz, Band 3: DCS and PCS : 1805-1990 MHz, band 4: 4G: 2500-2690 MHz, band 5: CDMA: 725-770 MHz / 790-820 MHz, band 6: GPS L1: 1500-1600 MHz, band 7: 3G: 2110-2170 MHz.

The maximum coverage distance is 20 meters and the bus radio signals are on standby, it is an easy way to avoid loud people, no privacy and no people. When you are bored, you can tighten the antenna and turn the switch, of course, you can choose the antenna for different working channels. GPS tracking can also be blocked. If you are a regular passenger on a bus and sitting in a phone conversation, a phone signal jammer can help you fix the problem.