Liangjian UAV countermeasure equipment-UAV countermeasure system

In recent years, the UAV market has grown rapidly. With the large-scale R&D and production of many manufacturers, commercial UAVs have become extremely cost-effective and have become increasingly popular. However, the domestic supervision of drones, especially "black flying" drones, is still in a blank state. The proportion of micro drones flying in the air is about 90% black, which poses great hidden dangers to air surveillance and air safety.

As an excellent supplier of security equipment, Liangjian Equipment independently develops drone jammer, which can shield all GNSS satellite positioning signals from interference, including: GPS/Beidou/Glonass/Galileo; at the same time The ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G frequency bands commonly used by humans and machines are used for interference shielding, forcing the UAV remote control and image transmission positioning signal to be interrupted to achieve the effect of forced landing/returning/hovering. Liangjian is equipped with a self-developed UAV jammer with powerful functions and a long jamming distance, which can reach 1.5 kilometers.

Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System
Liangjian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. performs interference shielding on GPS satellite positioning signals. At the same time, it can shield the 2.4G and 5.8G frequency bands commonly used by drones, forcing the UAV remote control and image transmission positioning signal to be interrupted to reach forced landing/return/hanging Stop the uncontrollable effect.

Product Highlights

1. The surface of the handle is made of non-slip rubber, and the shape conforms to the ergonomic design, which can be easily held and is portable and lightweight

2. Ultra-high frequency broadband shielding technology, high-efficiency interference blocking signal within 5s

3. Long-distance shielding distance 1000-2000 meters for high power (1000 meters for frequency hopping aircraft), 300-1500 meters for low power (300-500 meters for frequency hopping aircraft)

4. Built-in lithium battery, the built-in power adapter can be used for a long time from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours after being fully charged (the greater the power, the shorter the use time), and it is convenient indoors and outdoors.