Digital distributed wireless signal jammer

Independent frequency band shielding and controllable At the same time, the shielding function is realized. According to the field strength environment, the shielding range is 1-30 meters. The power of the wifi jammer output is adjustable, and the accuracy of the coverage is improved. The TCP/IP transmission method is adopted. The unified platform management has the alarm function of anti-theft, power failure, and failure. Supports distributed networking. The networking is convenient and will not cause other electronic instruments. Avoid false alarms with low power and low radiation, which is harmless to the human body. The green TDD works synchronously to ensure that it does not interfere with the base station.

World first 22 antennas Wireless signal jammer for full bands 5GLTE 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi GPS

working principle

In the case of unshielded, the mobile phone normally receives the downlink signal of the base station, and the communication is normal;

After adding the jammer, the jammer receives the downlink signal of the base station through the radio frequency receiving module, and performs synchronization;

The baseband processing module of the jammer obtains cell ID, RSSP and other information, and forms a shielded signal based on this information;

The radio frequency transmitter module of the shielding device sends out the shielding signal, and at the same time, considering that it does not interfere with other communication signals, such as TETRA signals, the output is increased with a filter to suppress spurs;

The mobile phone receives the base station signal and the shielding signal at the same time. Because the shielding signal destroys the control signal of the base station, the mobile phone cannot be connected to the base station, thereby interrupting the voice and data communication.