What scenarios is the anti-UAV system suitable for?

Anti-UAV systems are also known as drone jammer and UAV interception systems, which are mainly aimed at blocking and intercepting remote control signals and image transmission signals for "black flying" UAVs. In recent years, drones have shown explosive growth, and black flying incidents have also emerged one after another. Anti-UAV systems are also aimed at creating a safe and reliable airspace environment without black flying. So what scenarios are anti-UAS suitable for?

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1. Airport

The take-off and landing of aircraft has strict requirements for safety. For example, in order to avoid safety accidents caused by birds hitting the aircraft, airports will install corresponding bird repellent equipment to drive them away. Since this year, there have been frequent black-flying drones forced to stop flights at home and abroad. Therefore, in order to create an airspace that black-flying drones cannot approach to the airport, it is obviously necessary for the airport to be equipped with an anti-UAV system.

Aiming at the scenario where the airport requires a relatively large no-air area, Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. actually has a more complete and advanced solution, that is, the UAV detection counter system, which can realize the UAV detection of 10km. After the drone is detected, the anti-UAV system is activated to drive away the black drone.

2. Prisons and detention centers

Prisons and detention centers are places where prisoners are held, and the security level should be high. However, some criminals use drones to inspect the prisons and even transport illegal items. There have been many cases in foreign countries using drones to deliver mobile phones, wire cutters and other crime tools to prisoners in order to assist prisoners in jailbreaking, and there have been cases of successful escapes. Although there has been no use of drones to escape from prison in China, there have been many cases of using drones to investigate prisons, and there have even been cases where drones have hit the prison.

Therefore, for prisons and detention centers, which are important places for detaining prisoners, it is necessary to use drone countermeasures to interfere and intercept black flying drones.

Three, large-scale events

Large-scale events include sports events (marathons, football matches), concerts, leaders' visits, etc. Similar large-scale activities attach great importance to security. UAVs are used to control the event site and the leaders' visits along the way to ensure the normal progress of the activities and the safety of the leaders.

The anti-drone system of Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. has played a role in many large-scale events, such as Jacky Cheung’s concert, U.S. President Trump’s visit to China, and the most recent historic UAV in Singapore. North Korea meets. These activities are supported by Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd.'s anti-UAV system.

In fact, as drones become more and more cost-effective, drones are used in more and more fields, and supervision is not in place, causing some criminals to use drones to do illegal things. The anti-drone system is exactly the nemesis of the black flying drone. In addition to being used in the aforementioned scenarios such as airports, prison detention centers, and large-scale events, it is actually suitable for many scenes, such as nuclear power plants and security agencies. Etc., as well as public security, troops and other units can all be used.