There are currently two types of drone management and anti-control!

In recent years, with the increase of the drone user base and the rise of the drone industry, there have been chaos such as "black flying" invasion, aerial photos peeping, and falling accidents. The use and management of drones will soon be included in the orbit of the rule of law. . In order to avoid serious harm caused by "black flying" UAVs, it is necessary to supervise and counteract "low-speed" UAVs.

At present, there are two types of drone management and anti-control. One is administrative supervision, including the government’s laws and regulations on anti-black flying drones, and the other is technical prevention. From a technical point of view, drone jammers The use of and the use of other equipment.

Drone supervision and countermeasures-technical prevention

After talking about the administrative supervision of "low, slow and small" drones, let's talk about technical prevention in detail. The "low-slow" UAV uses frequency bands such as ISM2.4 and ISM5.8 and the auxiliary positioning of the GNS navigation system, and needs to communicate through these frequency bands during use. Technology to prevent "low-slow" drones, using signal jamming devices such as "drone jammers" to interfere with the communication between the drone and the remote control, so that the drone loses its signal, and the drone returns/descends/suspends Do not perform other harmful actions.

Drone supervision and countermeasures-administrative supervision

Not only domestically, but all parts of the world are also being harassed by "black flying" drones. To solve the problems caused by "black flying" drones, governments of various countries have also put forward many solutions. For example, in order to strengthen the management of drones, Japan issued a new "Aviation Law" at the end of last year, which imposed strict restrictions on the areas where drones can be used, and drones are strictly prohibited in densely populated areas.

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Using technology to prevent "low, slow, small" drones, interference distance and interference frequency bands have become the primary considerations. Shenzhou Mingda has more than ten years of experience in developing "drone jammer" in China. The "UAV jammers" produced by the company support comprehensive frequencies and high power, and can achieve long-range interference.

People with a little bit of common sense also know that the Civil Aviation Administration has issued real-name registration requirements for "low, slow, and small" drones. This is just the beginning. In the future, stricter regulatory measures will be required, and even "black fly" will be punished. Only in this way can criminals be truly deterred. Faced with the current situation, the real-name registration has just been announced. The supervision and counterattack of "low-slow" UAVs, especially in terms of technical prevention, requires the attention of relevant agencies and the use of "drone jammers", technically Form a "no-fly zone"