WiFi jammer shields cell phone frequencies

With the rapid popularity of cell phones, various adverse effects have been demonstrated. This is a WiFi jammer that will detect radio signals from cell phones, PHS and other devices and help you stop using it. This is useful for upgrading cell phones in different places. If there is a PHS base station near the installation site, the setting can prevent malfunction caused by the base station signal.

The wifi signal jammer is mainly used for special jammers at test sites, wall-mounted cellphone radio wave protection switches, etc. As the name suggests, a special indoor jammer can take over a monitoring function and prevent students from cheating. It is only used for monitoring. Wall phone jammer, this jammer is relatively suitable for high-end secret places, difficult to identify and very exquisite.

The Latest 12 Antennas Portable Mobile Phone Signal Jammer GPS Wi-Fi Signal Blocker

With GPS satellite positioning, wifi jammer can effectively protect the location of your privacy and confidential information. It can shield 2.4G, WIFI and wireless video transmission signals, while also effectively shielding CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / 3G and other cell phone signals. Long range, small size, low power, low weight and comfort.

Some wifi bluetooth blocker products can use CDMA, GSM, SCDMA (China Netcom, DCS (1800MHz), PCS (1900MHz), PHS (Telecom PHS), 3G / 4G / etc.) high heat resistant white aluminum case, effectively shield the surface can be customized according to customer requirements and screen printing logo (free screen printing service), effective shielding distance between 1-40 meters (actual distance and local signal strength).