Can schools install and buy wifi jammers?

Some people have questions about wifi jammer: "Mobile phones are strictly forbidden in schools. Is this really possible? The teacher is teaching upstairs, and many students downstairs are using mobile phones. I think it is difficult to have a WiFi eavesdropping device installed in the school, but Legal treatment is a big problem.

It mainly depends on what the jammer is. If radio waves are emitted, permission from the broadcaster is required. If you choose to use and install it without permission, you violate the Radio Law. In addition, if only weak radio waves are emitted, it will violate the provisions of the Radio Law, and it is difficult to imagine that other machines in the area will be affected.

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However, WiFi networks are far beyond what we know. A powerful portable jammer is one of the criteria that many electronics manufacturers are familiar with and study carefully. Although WiFi networks have been used in many areas of life, they are suitable for common security systems for access control, as well as WiFi networks for vehicle security systems and robots.

The wireless WLAN blocker also supports indoor coverage. The power of the external antenna can be distributed to the internal antenna distribution system through the power divider. This is a typical configuration used in shopping malls and airports, and can meet the needs of typical high-density housing calls. The wireless signal in the entire building can also achieve indoor coverage. However, this can improve signal quality and reduce interference and echo.