There are jammers near the Kremlin

The US-developed GPS navigation system was originally designed to serve the US military industry, then gradually opened up and now serves the public. However, for some reasons, GPS navigation has caused problems for some people. They don't want other people to know where they are, and there are jammers out there.

Although all 24 satellites can fail for various technical reasons, there are fears that adversaries will use GPS jammer to prevent the use of GPS. Such attacks can affect critical applications in civilian infrastructure (power grids and ATM networks depend on GPS) and can seriously disrupt military operations.

In recent years, a team from the Aviation Communication System Implementation Department has developed Blind Interference Signal Suppression (BLISS) technology to eliminate wave interference that could interfere with GPS reception.

power jamming device

Since at least 2016, Russia has repeatedly used wifi jammer around the world to jam and trick GPS.
Equipment started to get weird near the Kremlin in central Moscow. Earlier this week, the famous blog and podcast Grigory Bakunov (renamed online “Bobuk”) personally investigated these issues.

Bakunov said he was very tired of speculation about the geographical location near the Kremlin, so he packed a backpack fully equipped with GPS and GLONASS, hopped on the Segway and drove to central Moscow. to make a circle to measure its geography. The strength and accuracy of the locator signal.

He spent three hours driving around the Kremlin, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at noon. He suspected that someone was using a phone jammer to trick him.

As the strength of the GPS signal on the ground is very weak, the GPS signal received by the user on the ground is easily disturbed. The enemy can deliberately insert a GPS on the battlefield to prevent soldiers from knowing their exact location. In China, there are documented cases where wifi jammers purchased over the internet have been used to reject location information. Specifically, although personal privacy jammers are illegal, they are still easy to obtain and have been used to bypass GPS tracking technology.