Which signal jammer equipment should be used in confidential meeting rooms

Following rounds of high-intensity anti-corruption and anti-corruption operations, many officials have dismissed one after another. However, this situation requires the secrecy of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. The Commission for Discipline Inspection will continue to collect evidence in the early stage, and at the same time arrange staff to carry out relevant investigations. That is, the early stage of the implementation of the action also requires time for highly conservative actions, the way of bringing back suspects, etc., in order to make the work of the Commission for Discipline Inspection relevant The work can be highly confidential, and it is necessary to achieve good anti-eavesdropping confidentiality in normal work and meeting environments.

Therefore, professional and confidential meeting room anti-eavesdropping equipment may be used. The first step, of course, is to prevent relevant staff from entering the electronic tools that are easily involved in the confidential work environment for testing, in order to further avoid accidental or intentional eavesdropping. No matter if the phone is in standby, off, on, battery removal, SIM card removal, etc., it will identify and alarm, and help staff judge where to carry the phone. Really achieve the anti-eavesdropping effect of the equipment. 

The second step, of course, is to consider that the participants lose communication with the outside world during the meeting, which will affect the staff's first grasp of information. Therefore, in a high-strength confidential and anti-eavesdropping environment, it is also necessary to get good feedback and implementation at the first time, so this contradiction needs to be resolved. At this time, the mobile phone security partner becomes an exclusive tool for secret-related conference venues.

The mobile security companion is divided into two parts, one part is bound to the mobile phone, and the other part can be carried with you. The staff enters a safe and confidential environment with part of the mobile phone companion for private use. If the mobile phone receives a text message or a call, the personal part of the mobile security partner will display the information, content, etc. simultaneously. Simply put, it can only receive, not send out.

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The third step, of course, is the sound anti-eavesdropping tool during the meeting. signal jammer can effectively interfere with various eavesdropping and signal equipment. Even if the eavesdropper is standing next to the user. The main function is to prevent other ways of eavesdropping on the recording. By applying the sound from the meeting to multiple sound synthesis bands, even if there is a recording tool for recording, a variety of audio effects will be recorded without generating the content of the meeting.

Signal jammers are used to emit ultrasonic waves with random noise that cannot be perceived by human ears. When recording on digital devices such as mobile phones, these noises are recorded into the digital device together with the sound of normal conversations, making the recorded audio invalid. The audio information in the video also has the same interference effect. Because the noisy ultrasonic noise is randomly generated and cannot be restored, the audio after the interference cannot be restored, thereby ensuring that the original information is not leaked and spread.