Does the GPS signal jammer of the mortgage car work?

1. Why should a GPS signal jammer be installed on a mortgage car?

Mortgage cars Second-hand car finance companies often lend their vehicles to car owners as collateral. Since the vehicles are mortgaged by the mortgage company, some owners of the finance company will install location trackers on their cars and wait for the mortgage company to drive the car to their parking. After the scene, I quietly drove my car back in the middle of the night to continue using it. This caused a large part of the mortgage car company's property losses, so they installed GPS jammer for the privacy of the vehicles.

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2. What GPS location trackers are there on the car?

There are dozens of styles and functions of positioning tracking in the market, such as wired gps positioning tracker, wireless positioning tracker, oil and power cut positioning tracker, anti-shielding locator, strong magnetic locator, wireless positioning tracker, electronic fence Positioning and so on. Foshan Lipite GPS signal jammer tracks the above features and developed a special jammer for mortgage pickup based on the basic principles of the locator. The special GPS signal jammer in the mortgage car garage can effectively prevent the vehicle from being tracked on the road and effectively shield After the positioning signal disappears, the location of the vehicle cannot be located, thereby protecting the privacy of the vehicle.