Features of dual-purpose mobile phone GPS signal jammer for car garage

With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more people have become car owners. Today's vehicles are generally equipped with GPS positioning and built-in communication systems. However, in order not to be affected by mobile phone calls during driving, some car owners will choose to install a car mobile phone signal jammer in their car. Sometimes in order to prevent one's travel trajectory from being used by people with ulterior motives, positioning signal shielding equipment is also installed in the car. Today we will mainly talk about the features of the dual-purpose mobile phone GPS jammer for the car garage.

The latest mobile 4G hand signal jammer with a plastic shell

Product features of dual-purpose mobile phone GPS signal jammer for car garage:

1. The latest multifunctional model, shielding all Beidou, GPS positioning, 2G 3G, 4G and other signals;

2 Using high heat dissipation aluminum alloy shell, excellent heat dissipation performance, sturdy and durable, to ensure long-term uninterrupted and reliable operation;

3. High-quality switching power supply, original imported chips, stable frequency without frequency deviation;

4. The shielding radius is 1-30 meters (not a fixed value, depending on the distance between the location and the base station);

5. It only shields GPS and mobile phone signals, and does not affect the normal operation of other electronic devices;

6. Ultra-low radiation, safety and environmental protection, no adverse effects on human health.

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