Signal blocker helps Chinese peacekeeping forces to decipher roadside bombs

The "landing at sea", an international military competition held in Hongta Bay, Shishi, Fujian recently, made our country's amphibious combat vehicle ZBD05 shine. In other words, in the previous competitions, the proud Russia had to use its BTR80 and ZBD05 to compete. The result was that BTR80 lost terribly. Russia frequently changed the rules of the game and even modified the content of the event. It still can’t change the BTR80. The result of being rubbed on the ground by ZBD05.

In fact, the invincible ZBD05 once had an opponent, that is, the American AAAV amphibious fighting vehicle. Later, the vehicle project was dismantled. The reason for dismounting turned out to be that the in-depth combat after the landing of the vehicle could not effectively resist IED. The investment project was dismantled because of a rudimentary IED, which is amazing!

The so-called IEDs are actually roadside bombs that people often say, but don’t underestimate these roadside bombs. They are not only simple and powerful, but also remote-controlled detonation. The roadside was buried in advance, waiting for the opponent's convoy to pass by, and which one wanted to blow up was just a matter of a finger press. Even the millions of Abrams, known as the world’s strongest American main battle tank, are as fragile as mud and paper in front of the IED, guaranteeing that the tank will be repaired once it is shot into the soul. None of them exist, let alone those Bradley and Hummers, which are often destroyed with a sound. After being bombed, it is hard to find who did it. The U.S. military has not eaten such a dumb loss.

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The U.S. military has been majestic and majestic on the frontal battlefield over the past few years. The opponent's regular troops are so vulnerable in the eyes of the U.S. military that they can achieve victory on the frontal battlefield at a small price. However, in the subsequent security wars, the US military suffered successive losses. The number of casualties and destroyed combat equipment were far greater than those on the regular battlefield. Among them, IED was the main "culprit" that caused US military injuries. In order to solve this problem, the US military has invested a lot of money, and even developed a special anti-mine counterattack vehicle, but this kind of car is just a heightened chassis, reinforcement of the ground and installation of V-armor, the best anti-mine counterattack vehicle Encountering an IED made of several 155 howitzer shells in tandem will also cause car crashes and deaths.

And it's impossible for the US military to replace all mine-resistant counterattacks! But the man who controls the IED can choose the target. Can't I not explode the mine counter-attack vehicle? I will explode Bradley behind it to ensure that people turn their backs. IED has become a lingering nightmare for American soldiers, and some soldiers even suffered from depression and committed suicide. There have been figures showing that the US military spent a total of US$16 billion in solving the threat of IEDs in the 10 years from 2001 to 2010. The result? Still no progress.

Every year, China has a large number of peacekeeping forces performing missions in turbulent regions of the world. Although they have suffered various terrorist threats and have suffered casualties, China's peacekeeping forces have always been immune to IEDs and have never been attacked by IEDs. Why? Because our country has already developed an effective method to deal with IED.

The improvised explosive device is mainly a remote activation method, so the best way is not to study how to resist the explosive force of the improvised explosive device, but to inhibit its remote activation. Many armored vehicles of the Chinese peacekeeping forces have several very thick antennas. These antennas are used to shield signals. Even if someone wants to use improvised explosive devices, they cannot effectively issue command signals to detonate explosive bombs because these signals are blocked around the vehicle. If the signal is blocked by the signal jammer, even the remote control is useless. The bomb can only be detonated after the vehicle has left a certain distance. The terrorist who went to check the bomb was likely to be blown to pieces. You must know that China was the master of the landmine war decades ago, and these are actually pediatrics in front of the Chinese army.