Use a WiFi jammer to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Some people have questions about wifi signal jammers: "It is forbidden to use cell phones in schools. If this is really very common, the teacher gives lectures upstairs, but most of the students downstairs play cell phones. I think it's difficult, so it's possible to install a WiFi jammer device in schools, but the legal handling of it is a big problem.

It mainly depends on what the jammer is. If it sends out radio waves, you need permission from a broadcaster. If you use and install it without permission, you are breaking radio law. In addition, although it emits only weak radio waves, it exceeds the provisions of the Radio Law and it is difficult to imagine that it would affect other machines in the same field.

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Although many families use wireless jamming devices to ensure network security, it can also control the use of Internet time by your children in order to avoid physical and psychological damage and not to immerse themselves in the virtual world. In addition, the wifi blocker has no radiation when not in use, which does not affect people's health, and the radiator is small.

If you are still worried about internet and cell phone usage, buying a high end wifi jammer is your number one priority. You can get a home desktop jammer from here. We promise a 30-day replacement period and a one-year guarantee. Don't worry about quality issues. Use a WiFi jammer to maintain a healthy lifestyle.