Precautions for installation of signal jammer in examination room

In various examination venues, we can currently see all kinds of auxiliary equipment to maintain discipline in the examination venue. For example, a tool such as an exam room signal jammer. Although, it is mostly used in places inside the house. But in fact, it can be used outdoors. What should I pay attention to when installing the signal jammer at the test site? Let me introduce it to you.

When installing the test site signal shielding device, you must pay special attention to installing it in a location with clean air circulation. It cannot be installed in a wet location. Although the current signal jammers are made of metal or plastic products, they cannot be completely guaranteed and can completely avoid moisture. If this kind of moisture enters the equipment, it will cause the equipment to be destroyed.

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If the environment is very large, you can choose more than one, and install a few more test room signal jammer. In this way, it can be ensured that the shielding effect of the signal jammer achieves a perfect effect. In addition, special attention must be paid to anti-corrosion during installation. Do not put it in a location with corrosive solution. Prevent equipment problems.

In fact, most of the test room signal jammers do not need to be specially protected. But there are still some areas that require special attention. One is to remember to turn off the power after use. After use, do a good job of scrubbing the surface to prevent dust from falling into the equipment. However, some chemical solutions should not be stuck on when scrubbing. In addition, even if it is not in use, it should still be placed in a ventilated place, not a wet place or a place with some chemical solutions.