4 steps tell you how to choose a mobile phone signal jammer

The purpose of producing cell phone jammer is to reasonably avoid and interfere with mobile phone-related signals in the future, such as GPS, WIFI, 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G. It is mainly used in school examination rooms, prisons and detention centers to ensure the fairness and impartiality of examinations, high school entrance examinations, college entrance examinations and practical examinations. So, how to choose a signal jammer? Today, Haisi Zhongtuo will tell you how to choose in 4 steps.

A powerful jammer

One, browse and select products, and conduct extensive research to learn more about their products.

1. Research on product quality, technical means and brand

2. Get prior knowledge through internet search, communicate with technicians, and listen to technical explanations.

Second, look at the effectiveness of prison protests.

Choose some of the best, and then go to the site to check and prove the effectiveness of the shielding.

3. The actual effect of the case study:

1. After product demonstration, the product can be applied to other similar projects to study its working conditions and actual effects.

2. During the inspection process, it is recommended that you bring your mobile phone to the shielding area after approval to check the shielding effect.

Fourth, a simple and quick method of judging equipment:

Devices you can consider

1. The area that needs to be shielded is not strictly shielded, so it is expensive, laborious and practically ineffective.

2. The parts that should not be shielded are severely blocked, complained and cannot be used normally.

3. There is too much belief in detection and pseudo base station technology, there is a gap between ideal and reality, and there is no real success case to check in China.

Improper equipment

1. Small size, separate main unit and power supply, internal use circuit board.

2. It should be equipped with a small and light protective box.

3. Natural heat dissipation area is small or use fans to help heat dissipation.

4. There are many places where the air circulates inside and outside the equipment, and the inside is easy to corrode.