Installation steps of mobile phone jammer

With the continuous development of technology, the use of mobile phones has become more and more widespread, but mobile phone signals are not allowed in many places. For example, in the college entrance examination, in order to avoid cheating and other behaviors, mobile phone shielding devices will be installed in the examination room to block mobile phones. signal. However, many people have responded that they will often encounter some troubles when installing after buying. Below we will introduce the installation steps of this product in detail for you.

High Power Desktop Jammer

First of all, when you get the product, first open the box to see if the host and accessories inside are complete. Generally, there are one host, one bracket, one adapter, and eight antennas.

Secondly, take out the host first, then unpack the antenna, check whether there are letters on the antenna and the host, the letters above correspond to different communication signals, and then screw them according to the corresponding letters one by one.

Then, take out the adapter and connect it. One side of the adapter is connected to the host and the other side is connected to the power supply. Correspond to the mutual connectors. After plugging in, power on, and the other end of the adapter is plugged into the power supply. Just turn on the host switch.

Finally, after everything is connected and powered on, check the shielding effect of the mobile phone shielding device.

The above is the installation steps of the cell phone jammer introduced for you, are you clear now? One more thing people need to pay attention to is that when installing this product, be sure to install the antenna before powering on, and don't be careless. There are many types of shields, large and small, and people can choose their own suitable products when choosing. If you encounter other problems during purchase or installation, you can directly ask the distributor of the product.