A power supply bureau introduced UAV counter-guns to deal with interference

In order to effectively prevent and control the damage of external drones to the safe and stable operation of the power grid, recently, a power supply bureau introduced a drone counter-gun to conduct a drone control signal interference test at the 500 kV Tongren substation, and successfully realized the “hand start”. The goal of “machine landing”. As far as the security work of substations is concerned, this measure is the first in the province.

It is understood that in recent years, as the application of drones has become more popular, the attack and destruction of foreign drones has gradually become a new hidden danger that threatens the security of substations, and when the equipment is attacked by drones, the power supply department lacks effective Defense means and measures can only call the police for help, which is far from meeting the requirements of timeliness and reliability of risk defense.

Schild Hochleistungs-Drohne-Störsender Handheld Portable Light Signal Drone Jammer

At present, a certain power supply bureau has introduced drone jammer guns and successfully conducted an effect test. In the next step, the bureau will also establish an in-depth and normalized police-enterprise linkage mechanism in drone prevention and control with the Municipal Public Security Bureau. It will conduct feasibility analysis and demonstration from two aspects: establishing a UAV management and control platform and connecting power data to the Ping An Police Cloud System, and make every effort to build a systemic defense network for foreign UAVs.

Its main working principle is to interfere with the flight control system and signal transmission system of the UAV, so that the UAV can achieve vertical landing or return to home automatically without destroying or damaging the UAV. The fourth-generation strike gun has a higher single-channel power. , The interference distance is farther, and the strike effect can be realized more quickly and accurately.