It is impossible to expect 6G to introduce satellite internet

The value of the 3GPP organization is that optical fiber communication and cellular mobile communication are both localized businesses. It is difficult for operators to achieve global coverage, so they must cooperate with other operators to provide interconnection and roaming. Then we need to maintain a unified technical standard, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve interconnection and roaming. So the 3GPP organization has assumed this role.

The mobile phone signal jammer can solve the hidden danger of disturbing the order of the examination room

However, satellite Internet is completely different. It is an operator that can cover global users. It does not need to be interconnected with other satellite Internet. Therefore, it does not need 3GPP to formulate standards. It can be completed by itself only by formulating standards by itself. Both satellites and terminals He decides it himself.

So if 6G really exists, and there is no satellite internet, people don’t even bother to join your organization. Then, when that day comes, how can we interfere with the 6G signal of mobile phones? Interfere with the 6G signal or satellite frequency band of the mobile phone?

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