U.S. prisoners use drones to transport tools to escape, there is a hidden danger of illegal use of drones

The South Carolina Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement Departments confirmed on July 7 that Jimmy Cousy, who had fled from prison a few days ago, was arrested that morning. Jimmy Cousy was suspected of using drones to transport tools and used these tools on the night of the 4th. Implement jailbreak. UAV is an innovative product, but it is often used by people with ulterior motives to do illegal things, and there is a hidden danger of illegal use.

When people talk about drones, they think of how to use drones to take pictures of the United States and the United States, or use them for power cruising, environmental monitoring, etc. These are all the conveniences brought by this innovative product. But it is undeniable that with the popularity of drones, more and more people are starting to play with drones, and the safety risks of drones are becoming more and more serious.

In foreign countries, there have been many cases of using drones to transport vehicles to help implement escapes. What's more, drones are used directly for airdrops of bombs. In China, there have also been many flight delays caused by the "black flying" of drones this year. The relevant regulatory agencies have also introduced strict supervision laws, and recently introduced measures for real-name registration of drones.

There is a hidden danger of illegal use of drones, which has become a consensus. The numerous incidents of "black flying" drones flying near airports and flights that have occurred this year have also made people clearly realize that small drones bring not only innovation, but also serious disasters.

Is there really no way to face the "Black Flying" drone? In fact, there are methods, and it is currently more feasible. One is to strengthen the relevant laws and regulations. I believe the relevant units are already discussing and implementing them. The other is to interfere from the UAV communication level. The remote control and image transmission of the UAV require wireless communication, and as long as the communication between the UAV and the remote control is interrupted or cut off, the effect of no-flying in the airspace can be achieved.

This is the working principle of the drone jammer system. It starts with wireless communication and cuts off the signal transmission of the UAV. In China, some important places or major events need to prevent the invasion of "black flying" drones, and the drone interception system comes in handy. Inmates in American prisons with a high degree of security will use drones to carry out jailbreaks. However, it is necessary to prepare for the spread of drones and the proliferation of "black flights" in the country to prevent problems before they occur.