How to use HUP0443M handheld drone jammer?

HUP0443M is a handheld UAV jammer independently developed by Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. The HUP0443M handheld UAV jammer can interfere with the current civil UAV frequency bands on the market: 5.8G, 2.4, Beidou 1.2G and GPS1.5G; interfere with the flying UAV, causing it to lose ground control of it. Achieve the effect of forced landing and return. So how to use HUP0443M handheld drone jammer?

directional drone jammer

1. Button description

Buttons on HUP0443M handheld drone jammer device

1. There are two buttons on the front of the handheld UAV jammer, one is the power on button of the handheld UAV jammer, and the other is the button to switch the emergency landing and return mode.

2. Press the red power button to turn on the device, and the button up to turn off the device.

3. Press the green button to be in forced landing mode, and to pop up is to return to home mode.

2. Liquid crystal display

HUP0443M handheld UAV jammer LCD screen displays the return-to-home mode

HUP0443M handheld drone jammer LCD screen displays forced landing mode

When the device is turned on, it will display the working mode of the handheld drone counter, with the device model, working status, and power of the handheld drone on it; when pressed, it will display the forced landing mode.

3. Operation instructions: Turn on the power, adjust the desired effect, pick up the handheld UAV jammer, slightly face the flying UAV, pull the trigger, and there will be a slow vibration at the trigger. This shows that the equipment is working, and the drone will achieve the desired effect according to the mode set by the operator.