Is the jammer easy to crack in the test room?

Nowadays, exam rooms have jammers, but some people want to use some methods of preferential treatment and even look for system gaps at all costs. Is the signal jammer in the test room very easy to decipher? There has to be a lot of people wanting to decipher, but it is recommended that not everyone be lucky. Nothing else just because the jammer isn't as simple as you can imagine. Previously, all of the old jammers in the test room were selected segmented discrete data signals, and the data signal was constantly changing. However, today's jammers in the test room have already been upgraded, not the old machines and devices.

A powerful jammer that shields all 2G 3g 4G 5G phone signals and WIFI 2.4G 5.8G signals

Most of today's machines and devices have been converted to devices with multiple antennas. The most common is the machine equipment with eight radio antennas. This type of device can send data signals in eight frequency bands. So if you are lucky it is unlikely to be successful.

Exams are a lifelong affair. If you don't really master the expertise and want to use some resources to pass the exam, the bottom line will not be too good. Make no mistake, it is better to learn from the beginning. It's not that easy to decipher the jammer in the exam room. In addition, today's high-tech technologies continue to evolve, and the products made by many companies keep getting better. With the development of high and new technologies, I believe that machines and devices in these areas will become more and more precise in the future. If you want to go to a good university, it is better to study hard than other ways.