Heat dissipation of mobile phone WiFi shield

Nowadays, mobile phone wifi shields are installed in every exam venue. However, after a period of application, the device will become hot, and the hotness may endanger the normal application of the device. It is very necessary to dissipate heat from the shield, and there are certain differences in the heat pipe heat dissipation capacity of shields with different models and performances. So, how does the mobile phone jammer use heat pipes to dissipate heat?

Previously, the traditional test cell phone wifi jammer only relied on the temperature to gradually drop. But nowadays, most of the test room data signal mobile phone jammers are equipped with cooling fans. This kind of cooling fan not only reduces noise, but the actual effect of heat pipe heat dissipation is very significant, and it can also help the instrument and equipment to reduce the temperature in the first time.

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In addition, central air conditioners are generally installed in colleges and universities. When the temperature is too hot, the college will turn on the central air conditioner or cooling fan in order to ensure the safety of students. At this time, the temperature of the mobile phone shield is also There will be a certain reduction. In fact, the shield is just like a mobile phone. In summer, it will get hot if it is turned on. However, the equipment will not be damaged, and the better quality equipment does not have to worry about this problem.

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