Installation skills of mobile phone signal jammer

Everyone is not unfamiliar with the use of cell phone jammer. In the examination room environment, in order to achieve sufficient fairness and justice and avoid cheating in the test, mobile phone signal jammers will be set outside the exam room. In order to achieve a better shielding effect, what are the tips in the specific installation process? Let us take a look together!

all-in-one for mobile phone jammer

1. Under normal circumstances, mobile phone signal jammers will be tightly packaged. Before installation and use, after opening the package, first check whether the host and accessories are complete and make sure that they are correct. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer to proceed. communication;

2. After taking out the main unit, open the other packaging of the line, and mark letters on the antenna and main unit to shield various types of signals. After connecting the host device of the mobile phone signal jammer, check its stability. Ensure that it will not be easily damaged, and it will not be shaken;

3. After connecting to the host, connect the adapter and there will be a corresponding port on the host. Since the structure of the adapter is relatively simple, it can be directly inserted into the host, which is more convenient, and the requirements for technical performance are not very high, so the installation is also relatively convenient;

4. After the adapter is plugged into the power supply, power on for trial operation, and troubleshoot problems in time to avoid affecting subsequent use.

5. Use a mobile phone to test the specific shielding effect. Because of the different types of mobile phone signal jammers, multiple mobile phones can be used during the test to ensure the performance of the device.