Models that cannot be controlled by the monitoring jammer

The emergence of a high-tech product is a manifestation of technological innovation, but there is no panacea, so no matter how delicate our research and development of this monitoring system is, there will always be some monitoring that cannot find interference channels. This is in our industry. It is called the target blind spot internally. In fact, the video camera system that cannot interfere is not because of its strong anti-interference ability, nor is it because of some related high-tech auxiliary reasons, but because of its superficial design. Ways to block it. We know that some bugs on the computer Internet have no effect on many low-version operating systems, because most developers have not conducted research on these systems, and the same is true for monitoring signal jammer.

10 Bands Desktop High performance 5G cell phone jammer

We have conducted experiments through the camera monitoring installed in some old factories in the early days. They are all obsolete equipment with PTZ. After repeated shielding studies, we have not found a breakthrough. In fact, these monitoring transmission networks are also connected by coaxial cables. , But its video cable, power cable, and control cable, including the power cable of the pan/tilt, are all connected in the same line, so that a shielded signal cannot be controlled at the same time. This kind of shallow communication method brings some resistance. Resistance factor. This is one of the phenomena. There is also a single wireless monitoring system that is currently sold on the platform, which is analyzed and monitored by mobile phone software. This is controlled by WIFI and Bluetooth. For a single jammer, it cannot specifically identify its communication signal, and then It will not be able to synchronize the connection, and the final result will not be able to lose data packets. At present, we have verified through a number of experiments that these two types of monitoring cannot be interfered with.

Everything has its own uniqueness. In the ocean of science and technology, there are also things that cannot be explained by science, but the phenomenon that science cannot solve is because we think that the development of science and technology has not yet been in place. The curiosity is that every scientific researcher Features that should be possessed.