Mr. Li Yanhong's personal cultivation and quality

Mr. Li Yanhong was poured on his head with a mineral water bottle by a strange man during a new product development seminar. The scene was very embarrassing. Since it was an emergency, the security could not stop him, but Mr. Li did not hold him personally afterwards. He did not make any more comments on this matter, but continued to promote Baidu’s products. In fact, I personally know him better. He has a generous personality and a relatively mild temperament, with a gentleman’s demeanor. Do not quarrel with others easily, only in academic discussions, will you hold your own one to a certain extent, but it is also a matter of reason, no extreme things have happened, before we monitored some VR creations of signal jammer products They were all developed in cooperation with Mr. Li Yanhong. They also provided a lot of technical support from Amy Technology. So far, most of our technology core comes from the two major enterprises of Baidu and Huawei, the company's chief executive privately and Mr. Li The relationship is also very good, and Yao Di, Ren Zhengfei, and Mr. Li Yanhong often have a drink together in private to discuss work, and at the same time enhance the previous friendship and friendship.

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Since we are doing a monitoring jammer system, we can see the ins and outs of the whole incident very clearly through cameras, because the real-time data recorded at that time are very clear. Both the speeches on stage and the audience under the stage were all clear. It was very quiet and the content of the speech was wonderful. There were security guards all around, and this person had just stepped into the venue, and he must have come with a purpose. The mineral water bottle in his hand was not for people to drink on site, but He brought it into the venue from the outside. It seemed that he had come prepared, because Mr. Li had never had a festival with others, and he was not prepared to see this situation, so there was such an embarrassing scene, but for me From a personal point of view, what really people should abandon is the other person’s personal behavior. It can be said that it is more suitable for rude and uncultured. After a series of investigations, this person is because the product he made was not given by search engines such as Baidu. A very good ranking caused his income to drop and then vented his anger. However, this situation is entirely because his personal skills are not too hard, and what does it have to do with the platform? We have not been able to understand how some people with shadows are treated and how to deal with them. Judge whether a thing is correct or not.