Portable mobile phone jammer-a fighter to prevent mobile phone pollution

The mini cell phone jammer has a design, which is very convenient to be similar to a mobile phone. You don't need to hide it, because everyone will think of it as a cell phone, not a jammer. The working principle of this mini-phone jammer is similar to other jammers: it can block the signal transmission from the base station. Therefore, the person who wants to call will receive a message from his/her provider that the contact number they want to contact is outside the service area. It should be noted that you can adjust the blocking radius (5-30 meters) according to the specific situation. Since this mini phone holder has a built-in battery, it can be used for 3-5 hours. More importantly, this device is enough to charge for 30 minutes.

A powerful jammer that shields all 2G 3g 4G 5G phone signals and WIFI 2.4G 5.8G signals

The use of mini mobile phone jammer can easily resist mobile phone noise. Therefore, when you suffer a loud conversation from someone on the phone, just turn on your jammer and that person’s conversation will stop. You can use this mini cell phone jammer anytime: in trains, buses, cars, offices, schools, universities and other places, where a peaceful environment is a must. Mini cell phone jammer is a tool that can create a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere anytime, anywhere.

Peaceful environment is very important to you? Mini cell phone blocker is a good assistant for people who can't stand the noise of cell phone. To get more detailed information about our products, please contact our manager team.